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I’m passionate about guiding others on their path of evolution. This isn’t work for me, it’s a way of life. I’m on my own path of Self-mastery and have an abundance of wisdom, knowledge, practice and love to share with you. Enjoy receiving it.

Remember you deserve to live your dream life, be productive and to be the visionary you were born to be… And have fun doing it!

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


My vision…

… Is for all of humanity to realise the true power and potential of their Self and for all to unite their consciousness and actions to transcend and ascend into higher higher realms of existence, where they are connected, safe, free, healthy and happy, leaving not one person behind. For the greatest and highest good of all.

My mission…

Is to be in service to supporting our community to awaken and heal with truly holistic and integrated health and wellbeing services, education and gatherings, by creating opportunities for people to evolve. We do this with love and compassion at the heart of everything we do.

I am a Guide, Artist and Visionary human; passionate about helping people realise and align with their essence as a fundamental part of nature, unleash their creativity and reach their highest potential. I live, work and play in several capacities; as a youth and community worker, activist, advocate, Transformational Holistic Therapist, artist, dancer, organiser of gatherings and retreats, teacher, facilitator, futurist and public speaker.

I fuse several modalities together to form an intuitive, healing practice focussed on achieving optimum physical health, emotional transformation and trauma release. It’s a truly holistic and integrated service that very few people can offer. I’ve trained for over 15 years in these key therapeutic areas; IFS psychotherapy, naturopathy, nutrition, bodywork, ancient Himalayan Vedic and Tantric yogic lineages, shamanic and other ancient, indigenous practices, energy medicine and quantum modalities and breathwork. I work with individual clients and groups at workshops, gatherings and retreats.

You can find out about what I offer on my ‘Offerings’ page and also on my Earth Clinic website.

Love, Natasha Anand x


Contact me directly on natasha@yourearthclinic.com or +447595 583822.

More on My Story

I was diagnosed with an auto-immune condition affecting the large bowel – ulcerative colitis, at the age of 16. At the age of 18, after 2 years on steroids and immunosuppressant drugs, the disease destroyed by large bowel and I had to have most of it removed. 7 years later and me still none the wiser, I developed yet another painful auto-immune disease, Iritis which affects the iris. At the same time, I started to get inflammation of in my intestines, or flare ups as they are called.

It was then, at the age of 26, in 2016, that I decided to take my life into my own hands and started a journey of self-discovery that’s still going today. I started myself on herbs, changed my diet, eliminated triggers and toxins, started doing yoga, awakened my mind and soul to new ways of thinking, discovered meditation and energy healing and started to study naturopathic nutrition.

Now, I live auto-immune disease free and I couldn’t be happier! I am still trying to heal a lifetime of a damaged gut, but that takes time.

Read about my full story featured in global natural health magazine What Doctor’s Don’t Tell You.


I work as a holistic practitioner to help people realise and align with their essence as a human being and ultimately unleash their creativity and inner alchemy. I fuse several modalities together to form my own intuitive, healing practice focussed on achieving optimum physical health, emotional transformation and trauma release.

I am a Reiki Master having learned a combination of Usui Shiki Ryoho, Tibetan Reiki and more recently Advanced Sekhem Reiki. My energy medicine practice draws on a range of other disciplines energy medicine modalities like quantum field healing, crystal therapy, meditation, sound healing, sacred geometry, yoga, breathwork, Quantum Liberation and shamanic practices.

I work with naturopathic nutritional therapy and the functional medicine model and have a special focus on immune and hormone health, detoxification and digestion. I do lymphatic drainage massage and am a qualified Internal Family Systems practitioner (a psychotherapy).

What I love about my work is being to combine all these modalities into a truly holistic approach to health and wellness to support my clients fully through their journeys of self-leadership & empowerment.

I have been working in ceremonial capacities for many years with the Vedic and Tantric lineages and am currently involved in a number of earthkeeping missions across the planet and work to release trauma through ancestral lines and the land.

I’m also a social entrepreneur, creative director and producer at Union Street – an innovative social enterprise. We provide professional digital media services in film and run social development projects.Having spent a decade extensively and therapeutically working with communities she has supported many marginalised and excluded groups. I have extensive experience developing hubs and connecting communities as well as capacity building at the grassroots. I also co-founded Women’s Solidarity Forum, a minority women’s support and advocacy organisation. I’m a campaigner for marginalised communities, welfare, young people, the homeless, alternative and complimentary medicine & human rights.

And finally – I’ve set up a wellness clinic – Earth Clinic where I offer all my services. My vision is to support people to live full and happy lives, free from dis-ease, pain, trauma and oppression and to assist the evolution of our planet. I want to co-create heaven on earth for us all to enjoy.

My Current Projects

I am currently developing a number of pioneering projects including a number of online courses, retreats, earth-keeping missions and developing an integrated holistic practitioners model for professional and personal development.

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